Friday, 16 December 2016

A christmas Angel

Hi folks,

Last year I made white lacy stars to put inside my Christmas cards, this year I chose to make angels for my cards in both white and an icy pale blue.

I have a few favourite crochet books I return to again and again and this pattern comes from one of them, 75 Lace Crochet Motifs by Caitlin Sanio.

It's such a pleasant way to spend a dull winter afternoon and puts me in the mood for the festive season as we don't like to put our decorations up too early.  So on a miserable wet and grey day last week  I cheered up by lighting a few candles and settling down with a spicy chai and a slice of festive spiced honey cake to write my cards and choose an angel to suit each person.

A little crochet, some candles burning, a hot mulled drink or gingerbread latte, perhaps a mince pie or two.... how have you been enjoying advent?

Til next time,


  1. What a lovely idea to enclose something handmade in your Christmas cards!The crochet angel is really cute! Merry Christmas to you .Tina x

  2. Merry Christmas and may this new year bring you joy,laughter and inspiration!

  3. How thoughtful, your friends and family must really look forward to receiving a card from you!

  4. Gorgeous! I bet they looked lovely on your friends' and families' trees :) I didn't manage much Christmas crochet this year - will have to do better next year! xx

  5. Really pretty. I crocheted some angels a few years ago, but they all turned out rather big. Much too big for a card. Again, something I must find a use for. Perhaps I'll crochet pillows and sew motifs to the front of them. :)


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