Friday, 16 December 2016

A christmas Angel

Hi folks,

Last year I made white lacy stars to put inside my Christmas cards, this year I chose to make angels for my cards in both white and an icy pale blue.

I have a few favourite crochet books I return to again and again and this pattern comes from one of them, 75 Lace Crochet Motifs by Caitlin Sanio.

It's such a pleasant way to spend a dull winter afternoon and puts me in the mood for the festive season as we don't like to put our decorations up too early.  So on a miserable wet and grey day last week  I cheered up by lighting a few candles and settling down with a spicy chai and a slice of festive spiced honey cake to write my cards and choose an angel to suit each person.

A little crochet, some candles burning, a hot mulled drink or gingerbread latte, perhaps a mince pie or two.... how have you been enjoying advent?

Til next time,

Friday, 2 December 2016

Crafting Gifts


Have you been crafting gifts for Christmas or like me left it a little late? I've been working on two gifts this week and can now share the first one, a crochet hook holder.

This is for someone who started to crochet a little while ago but doesn't have many hooks yet. It's quick to make so ideal when time is short as well as  being a pretty gift for a new crafter.

The pattern was from Cute and Easy Crochet, worked in double crochet stitch with a simple trim using chain stitches along two sides in a contrasting colour.

I chose a pretty cotton fabric to line the hook roll which I spotted in our local craft shop. This shop is an Aladdin's cave and is very friendly too.

A small piece from a fat quarter was plenty to line and make the pockets to hold the hooks.

I changed the ribbon tie used in the pattern to twin crocheted cords as the hooks seem to stay in the roll more securely, especially important as the person the gift is for will take it back and forth to work in her bag so she can crochet on her breaks.

I think it will look nice with a set of multi-coloured hooks inside, I used a few of my own just for the photos.  Have you made any gifts? Or perhaps you are still working on something?

Til next time,