Tuesday, 7 March 2017

A Paisley Bag

Hi folks,

I have had so many compliments on the Paisley cushion I made back in 2015 that last year I decided to use the same motif again, only this time for a bag.

Out of all the different colours I had used to make sample motifs for my cushion my Mum really liked the turquoise and yellow motif, so this time I chose those colours for the motifs worked in DK yarn. The bag was a surprise birthday gift for my Mum back in January.

I started off making 24 turquoise and yellow Paisley motifs, this time weaving in the ends as I went along to make sure I actually finished the bag in time for Mum's birthday and didn't leave the motifs lying forlornly in a bag.

The turquoise and yellow are such strong colours there weren't many shades which would go with them to fill the background so after much consideration I went with a bright red background and lining. I had to rework the motif background to create a more solid shape than on the Paisley cushion. There were a lot of rainy days while I was making these so I'm sorry the photo is so dull, the light was really bad.

I knew I wanted this bag to be a statement but didn't want the red to overpower the other colours so instead of sewing these motifs together I decided to double crochet them together with the turquoise yarn to balance out the red while the yellow gives a pop of colour in the middle.

Continuing with the blue yarn I worked the ends, base and handles also in blue. The photo shows the bag before I added the lining fabric.

The sides and base were worked in one long piece in double crochet. I started from the top of one corner on the first side of the bag, working back and forth until the base and sides reached the ideal width, then joined to the second side. I then worked in dc around the top of the bag for several rows before working a chain in the middle of each side on the next round to make a handle space. Continuing in the round, I double crocheted over the chain in the following round then finished by doing several more rounds of double crochet to complete the handles. I know Mum will be using this bag to carry books so I wanted to make it as strong as possible. I thought working these parts all in one piece would make it stronger than working a separate base and sides to sew together, and how could I resist less sewing??

Finally I added a lining in the same shade of red as the background yarn so those little odds and ends from the shops don't fall through. I was so lucky to find a fat quarter in exactly the same shade of red at Allison's shop, it's a treasure trove of goodies. I wouldn't have picked the turquoise and yellow motif myself but I like this bag so much I'm tempted to make one of my own.

Til next time,